Hadoop well documented – Adding ECM attributes “on the fly”

Hadoop,  a leading technology disruptor from the Big Data movement, is a massively scalable architecture capable of dealing with terabytes+ of unstructured data. As the cost of storage, memory and CPU continues to move toward almost free, we are seeing the clients looking to move away from traditional legacy ECM tools for the newer architecture and cost savings by managing their documents with Hadoop.  On major advantage of Hadoop versus traditional vendors is the ability to add attributes “on the fly”.  This post is will describe an ECM content model for Hadoop and walk through the process of add and remove attributes “on the fly” based on our experience from Hadoop ECM clients.

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TSG’s Top 10 list from the NIRMA 2015 Nuclear Records Conference

This week TSG again attended the annual NIRMA conference in Las Vegas to both exhibit and co-present with one of our long-term nuclear clients. If you are not familiar with NIRMA it is the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association. This organization provides guidance in regards to paper and electronic records programs, compliance, and technologies to commercial, utility, and government agencies.  TSG solutions are at multiple nuclear clients.  This post will highlight our thoughts of the conference.

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ECM Disruptors – Open Source, The Cloud, Software as a Service and Big Data – What are clients doing?

When it comes to new technology, one Accenture partner once shared an interesting analogy comparing new technology to teenager vices.  Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, and those that are doing it aren’t doing it very well.   For this post, we will discuss TSG’s ECM clients, The Cloud, Software as a Services (SaaS) and Big Data to shed some light on what our clients are talking about, what they’re actually do doing, and with our thoughts for readers to consider.

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BPM/Workflow – Why “I want the user to define the form and workflow” doesn’t always work

We had a call last week with a client evaluating form and workflow as part of an overall BPM effort.  In evaluating solutions, often we will see technical resources push for a solution “that allows the users to build their own forms and workflow without any IT involvement”.  This post will discuss the issues of user constructed workflows as well as share best practices. Continue reading

TSG – New Product Support Model

Some of the recent viewers of the TSG web site might have noticed a small change as the Download option and supporting pages have been replaced with a “Getting Started” page.  While we at TSG remain committed to providing open source ECM solutions for our customers on Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop, we are evolving from a “anyone can download at anytime” to more of Visible Source licensing model which includes source code with a controlled distribution and a small cost component to cover support and maintenance.  This post will discuss the reason for the new approach and how the approach is being initially rolled out.

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ECM Implementations – Why do some fail?

Recently we have been in touch with three large clients that are engaging with TSG after having failed with implementations of either a new ECM vendor or new product from their existing ECM vendor.  While we are often brought in to clean up ECM implementations, we don’t often see projects where vendors and their tools were abandoned after considerable effort.  This post will discuss some of the commonalities we found between these clients and their implementations as well as thoughts from other client situations.  For client confidentially, we won’t be talking about the specific product or client.

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