Documentum – Leveraging an existing ECM System to Manage Records

In a post back in January, we described implementing a simple Records Management solution. Often times we have seen clients struggle with the large footprint of the Documentum Retention Policy Services (RPS), Records Manager (RM), and Physical Records Manager (PRM) products, and a limited budget to implement a records management solution. This post describes how several RM features have been implemented using minimally modified out-of-the-box ECM functionality. Continue reading ‘Documentum – Leveraging an existing ECM System to Manage Records’

Auto-Filing Content in Alfresco

After working with Alfresco for a while, we’ve noticed a number of design patters and functionality that are common amongst many clients across various industries.  Alfresco module packages (AMPs), make it easy to package up components and reuse them in different Alfresco implementations.  This article will focus on one reusable module that automatically files content into a folder structure in an Alfresco repository based on metadata.

Continue reading ‘Auto-Filing Content in Alfresco’

Alfresco Webinar – Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big Bang – October 21st

When moving to Alfresco, many clients struggle with the cost and effort associated with a “Big-Bang” migration from their Legacy ECM system. In a “Big-Bang” scenario, all the content must be migrated to the new system during a very risky and expensive cutover weekend.   Continue reading ‘Alfresco Webinar – Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big Bang – October 21st’

Alfresco and Box – An Integrated Approach for Collaboration and Approval

TSG just finished a successful proof of concept for a life science company that, like many companies, uses Box for collaboration (among other tools) but wanted to add more traditional ECM capabilities like workflow approval and electronic signatures.  Alfresco, combined with TSG add-on products, provides robust workflow review and approval.  This post will discuss the proof of concept and  results.

Continue reading ‘Alfresco and Box – An Integrated Approach for Collaboration and Approval’

Documentum or Alfresco – Simple Workflow in HPI

As discussed in previous posts related to our Active Wizard product here, here, and here, TSG has always preferred a form-driven dynamic workflow for document review and approval.  This is especially true for our regulated clients (ex: Pharma, Energy) that utilize TSG’s Compliance Solution.  However, we’re seeing more and more clients outside our regulated industries that want to enable workflow using a template approach without needing a form to drive the workflow process.  For these clients, TSG is happy to announce the Simple Workflow module in HPI.

Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – Simple Workflow in HPI’

TSG @ Alfresco Summit San Francisco

TSG will once again be in attendance at Alfresco Summit this year.  We have a lot of new /existing clients attending, and looking forward to educate attendees on solutions we have built on top of the Alfresco platform.  Be sure not to miss our presentations during Summit:

Wednesday – September 24th
Lightning Talks #1 – 3:00-3:40 @ Seacliff D
Migrating from Legacy ECM Repositories to Alfresco
Plugin-Free Annotation in Alfresco Share

Thursday – September 25th
Case Study: Curing Cancer with Alfresco and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)

A special thanks to Ron Swan from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.  We’ve been working with ASCP for the past 2 years, and looking forward to share the innovative work (Google Glass POC, Amazon Web Services for Uploads, Medical Virtual Slides w/ Annotations) we’ve been developing for ASCP and their members.

Wednesday night we will also be co-hosting an After Hours Event with our friends at Blue Fish and MSI at the Starlight Room at the famous Sir Francis Drake Hotel starting at 10:30PM.  Stop by our both to pick up an invite and get a demo of our latest solutions and case studies.

Hope to see you there!

Documentum or Alfresco – Engineering Construction Management Solution for HPI

TSG has recently updated our solution for Engineering, and specifically construction management solution for either Alfresco or Documentum. In addition to the normal capabilities of HPI, the engineering construction management solution adds a unique approach for leveraging project templates to begin activities on the project. This post will present an overview of the solution and some of its unique capabilities. Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – Engineering Construction Management Solution for HPI’

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