Documentum and Alfresco Large Migrations – Thoughts on a Hybrid/Rolling Approach

One of the biggest challenges in rolling out new interfaces for ECM is migration from older/legacy systems.  We just started working with one financial services client that, in moving toward an Alfresco and HPI 2.1 solution, has initiated a hybrid approach to allow the interface to be introduced quickly while simplifying and reducing the risk of a large migration and big bang rollout.  This post will detail the approach for reference and discussion. Continue reading ‘Documentum and Alfresco Large Migrations – Thoughts on a Hybrid/Rolling Approach’

Documentum – Would EMC Dump Documentum?

A couple of articles on the internet caught the attention of our clients. The first by Alan Pelz-Sharpe at 451 Research – “It’s Time for EMC and Documentum to go their separate ways”  and then a follow-up with quotes by Virginia Backatis titled “Will EMC Dump Documentum?”.  Rather than focus on will or should, this post will share our thoughts regarding “would” EMC dump Documentum.

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Integrating Alfresco or Documentum with a Learning Management System (LMS)

When presenting TSG’s HPI based Quality Document Management solution to a regulated industry (Life Sciences, Energy, etc.), we often get asked about training requirements.  The question is typically asked in one of the following ways:

  • Does HPI support Read & Understood Notifications and tracking?
  • Does HPI have Distribution functionality?
  • Can HPI integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

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Documentum or Alfresco Annotation Tool – Introducing new OpenAnnotate Features

The number one feature that users request for the OpenAnnotate product is the ability to highlight text or to strikethrough text while annotating. TSG is excited to announce that we have started development of these two highly requested features.

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Documentum Layoffs, Alfresco Sales Kickoff, and more thoughts on Documentum to Alfresco Migration

We (TSG) just got back from the Alfresco Sales Kickoff in Dubrovinik, Croatia.  One major rumor-mill discussion we had with several partners and ex-Documentum employees surrounded thoughts on layoffs at Documentum.  In a similar vein, while some of our more popular posts have been Documentum to Alfresco migration focused on the clients and technical migrations, what surprised us in Croatia was not only continued announcement of larger sales wins for Alfresco with clients moving from Documentum but also migration of former Documentum employees and partners to Alfresco.   This post will try to tie the layoffs and migration of clients, people and partners together for discussion as the two companies are tightly related.  Please post a comment if you have anything to add. Continue reading ‘Documentum Layoffs, Alfresco Sales Kickoff, and more thoughts on Documentum to Alfresco Migration’

Documentum/IIG – Financial Results – 2013

EMC has announced 2013 earnings.

Complete detail can be found at

This post will discuss our thoughts on IIG’s Financial Performance in comparison to the rest of EMC.

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Documentum PDF Annotation Services – End of Life – Options going forward

Last week we had a customer contact us regarding an alert that PDF Annotation Services (PAS) was moving to an “End of Life” schedule.  From the discussion, it seems that PAS uses some components from Adobe that are out of support and Documentum does not have a replacement.  This post will discuss TSG’s thoughts on PAS as well as consider different alternatives.

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