Alfresco – Adding Modern ECM to Your Existing Claim and Policy System – Webinar August 21st

TSG is hosting a webinar with Alfresco on August 21st at 1:00 PM Eastern time.  Sign-up information is available here.

Many insurance providers currently have existing systems for claim and policy data management built and enhanced over decades of successful and critical day-to-day processing of customers information.  As the systems have evolved, many have been extended with basic document processing capabilities via rudimentary image and document storage leveraging the same data infrastructure.  Providers would like the ability to keep their successful data processing capabilities while easily leveraging new and updated tools for document processing.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact

As more business processes are being automated for storing and working with documents in ECM repositories, many companies are encountering a need to redact sensitive information in these documents. Solutions exist for doing the redaction such as Brava and Redact-it, but these solutions are expensive and difficult to support. TSG is proud to introduce OpenRedact, an open source web-based redaction tool for redacting sensitive information on documents stored in Documentum or Alfresco. Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact’

Documentum & Alfresco Migration Strategies – What Factors Should be Considered?

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we often meet with potential clients who are interested in using OpenMigrate to meet a migration need but they haven’t yet identified specific migration requirements beyond the need to move documents from one location to another.  It is important to identify requirements and an overall migration strategy as early as possible as migrations provide a great opportunity to “clean up” content management systems.  This “cleansing” can be through object model updates, metadata cleansing, deletion or archival of obsolete documents, or other business related decisions.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Quality Manufacturing – Modernizing Controlled Documentation and Batch Records

Quality Manufacturers often struggle with attempts to modernize batch records to allow for simple and accurate completion of a batch while capturing relevant quality data.  Typical start-up systems are “too small” relying on paper print-outs, handwritten values with image scanning of completed manufacturing instructions.  To capture any data for trending evaluation, all the handwritten data would have to be entered manually.  Other approaches are often “too big” with every document having to be coded into a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).  One TSG client found a way to combine the user friendly approach of robust Word documents with PDF and other manipulation controls to create a simple, modern approach for capturing data during the process without the need to code in an MES.  This post, along with a an upcoming webinar on July 31st with Alfresco will discuss the problem and solution.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Insurance – extending existing data driven systems

Recently, TSG has seen an increase in the number of insurance clients looking to extend or replace components of their existing policy or claim systems with document management capabilities.  Many of our recent insurance related posts have been focused on claim processing , policy and claim management  as well as migration approaches like our recommendation for a rolling migration.  For most clients, while they would like to update their document management capabilities, they are either very happy with the data management applications or would like to keep the new data management systems separate from the document management.  This post will present a background on the data management systems as well as a strategy for augmenting with document management. Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – Insurance – extending existing data driven systems’

Documentum Migration – “Two-Step” Bulk Load versus a “One-Step” Migration Approach

Recently, we have seen an uptick in the number of requests for OpenMigrate support for migrating from Documentum to either another Documentum repository or a new repository like Alfresco or M-Files.  Many times clients will opt to use a vendor supplied bulk upload tool as part of the migration and use OpenMigrate simply to dump the files from Documentum to a file system.  This “two-step” approach doesn’t leverage the full ability of OpenMigrate to complete the migration in one step.  For this post, we will discuss benefits of the one step approach as well as issues with typical bulk load utilities.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Performance Thoughts for a Hybrid/Rolling Migration

We recently discussed the concept of a rolling migration versus a more traditional big-bang migration approach.  See our initial thoughts on development of a rolling migration approach for the eventual retirement of a client’s old system over time.  After working through some of the challenges, we now have a system that can quickly move content into the new repository on demand.  This post will discuss our results.

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