TSG Recruiting – What makes us different

The fall is an exciting time at TSG.  Not only do we officially start our new college hires the Tuesday after Labor Day, but September begins our recruiting efforts.  This year we are headed to Notre Dame, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Bradley, DePauw as well as Miami of Ohio.  Each of the last two years, we have posted blogs specifically for recruits including 2012’s What to look for in that first job and 2013’s What to be concerned about for that first job.  As many of our recruits have a diverse number of career options, this post will highlight some of the things that are different about TSG in evaluating your career choices.   Continue reading ‘TSG Recruiting – What makes us different’

Documentum 8 – Why and When, thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap

As readers might remember, in our recap of EMC World 2014 back in May, we thought one significant non-announcement was that there was no Documentum 8 on the roadmap.  In briefing our clients over the past 6 months, we thought we would share some of our thoughts on Documentum 8 and thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap. Continue reading ‘Documentum 8 – Why and When, thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap’

HPI Dashboard Overview

The HPI Dashboard has undergone some extensive changes in the 2.2 release of HPI.  This post will detail the latest and greatest HPI Dashboard.

Continue reading ‘HPI Dashboard Overview’

Documentum and Alfresco – Cloud content attached to emails – Bulk uploading

While clients have multiple ways to ingest content attached to an email, more and more content is attached via links to cloud storage.  Whether these links are Google, Box or others, one problem is how to ingest the email and content into the ECM repository without having to manually download the documents and add each document individually, a tedious and time consuming activity.  This process can be even worse if instead of a link to a document, the email contains a link to a folder.  This post will discus how TSG has added the capability to add this content simply and easily, consistent with email with file attachments.

Continue reading ‘Documentum and Alfresco – Cloud content attached to emails – Bulk uploading’

Alfresco Closes $45 Million Investment to Accelerate Disruption of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market

The big announcement out of San Mateo and Maidenhead was Alfresco’s raising of 45 million in growth capital from SageView.  Combined with 20 million still in the bank from early funding efforts prior to 2007, Alfresco now has approximately 65 million available to pursue expanding their already impressive presence in the ECM market.  Full press release is available here.  This post will share some of our thoughts on the investment.  Continue reading ‘Alfresco Closes $45 Million Investment to Accelerate Disruption of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market’

Alfresco – Adding Modern ECM to Your Existing Claim and Policy System – Webinar Recording

TSG is hosted a webinar with Alfresco on August 21st at 1:00 PM Eastern time.  The recording is available here.

Many insurance providers currently have existing systems for claim and policy data management built and enhanced over decades of successful and critical day-to-day processing of customers information.  As the systems have evolved, many have been extended with basic document processing capabilities via rudimentary image and document storage leveraging the same data infrastructure.  Providers would like the ability to keep their successful data processing capabilities while easily leveraging new and updated tools for document processing.

Continue reading ‘Alfresco – Adding Modern ECM to Your Existing Claim and Policy System – Webinar Recording’

Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact

As more business processes are being automated for storing and working with documents in ECM repositories, many companies are encountering a need to redact sensitive information in these documents. Solutions exist for doing the redaction such as Brava and Redact-it, but these solutions are expensive and difficult to support. TSG is proud to introduce OpenRedact, an open source web-based redaction tool for redacting sensitive information on documents stored in Documentum or Alfresco. Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact’

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