Documentum and Alfresco – Date and Time Zone Updates for HPI

When working with two clients this past week, the issue of dates and time zone display came up. Dates are stored on the server in the server time zone (UTC, for example) but when the date is displayed through HPI, web browsers display the date according to the local time zone settings set in Windows. In some instances this automatic conversion to local time is helpful and in other instances it causes a lot of confusion.

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Alfresco 5 – TSG Products and Solutions Now Available

Since the release of Alfresco 5.0, TSG has been working to validate our products and solutions on the latest 5.x version (as of this post, Alfresco Enterprise We are proud to announce our product offerings that are now Alfresco 5 compatible. Continue reading for the details.
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Hadoop for Enterprise Content Management – Adding PDF Renditions with Adlib

As we have discussed in our Hadoop Series, more and more companies are considering Hadoop for storage and management of documents and files.  Just like our ECM clients, companies storing documents or scanned files in Hadoop want to provide PDF renditions of documents for easy viewing and other PDF capabilities.  This post will discuss how Adlib can be leveraged with Solr/Lucene behind TSG’s OpenContent layer to provide robust ECM capabilities for your Hadoop repository.

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Hadoop Document Transformations Using Adlib

In our series exploring the use of Hadoop for ECM, the best practice from our years of ECM experience tells us is that documents should be stored in both their native content as well as a PDF rendition of the content. Storing a PDF rendition allows consumers quick access to view the content, as well as being able to watermark and control the content to prevent consumers from altering the documents. This post will explore TSG’s partnership with Adlib and how we are using Adlib’s PDF conversion suite to transform documents being stored in Hadoop.

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Documentum Migration to Alfresco – Best Practices – Recording Available

More and more decision makers are choosing to migrate from legacy ECM repositories, such as Documentum, to Alfresco.  Whether to gain the advantage of better performance and additional capabilities or as part of an ECM consolidation effort, migrating from a legacy system to Alfresco doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex and difficult process.  TSG conducted a webinar with Alfresco on February 26 – recording available.

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Hadoop – Disrupting the Relational Database Component of ECM

We had a good conversation yesterday with a long-time and innovative TSG client.  The client has a mix of technical and business skills that make him a visionary in a highly regulated industry in regards to Enterprise Content Management.  In addition to our normal catch-up discussions about plans for the year and what are we seeing other clients do, we also talked about Hadoop and how it could disrupt traditional Relational Databases (RDBMS).  This post will present highlights of that discussion from a business perspective.

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Alfresco Activiti – Overview of BPMN Suite

In December, we highlighted the Alfresco announcement of the new Activiti BPMN Suite, a new web interface that runs on the Activiti engine that allows users to design workflows on the fly and to share them with different users with different levels of permissions. We sampled the BPMN Suite using a 30 day trial at Since then, Alfresco released an early version of the enterprise version of the suite, which we installed on our servers for a test run. The video below highlights the various features of the Activiti BPMN Suite using a sample Publishing Request workflow.

The overview includes:

  • A look at the BPMN and step editors
  • Configuring custom forms
  • Creating an “app,” which is a way to group workflows and share them with different users and groups
  • Completing a workflow in the new interface

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