Documentum or Alfresco – Performance for viewing documents in browser based applications.

I was talking with a client yesterday that is building a custom application and the topic of viewing performance came up, specifically, “which viewer is the fastest”?  The client has looked at a number of common options.  This post will discuss the many components of document viewing performance that are similar for Documentum or Alfresco.

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Ephesoft Export to Documentum Using OpenMigrate

Recently a client came to us with a need to export documents and metadata captured using Ephesoft into Documentum.  We’ve seen many clients implement Ephesoft as a capture solution for Alfresco, but had yet to see anyone export into Documentum.  This post will discuss how OpenMigrate provides a configurable bridge between Documentum and Ephesoft.

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Documentum and Alfresco – What are some of the bigger differences?

Many of the more popular posts over the years have been surrounding Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco  and other comparison posts.  While some of the differences are obvious (Big Public Company/Division of EMC versus Private Company, 20+ Years old versus 10 Years Old…..),  for this post, we thought we would summarize some of the not so obvious differences for clients considering migrating from Documentum to Alfresco from both a technology and culture perspective.

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Hadoop – Data Model for ECM applications

As we have talked to clients about Hadoop with HBase for ECM, too often we hear “but isn’t that just for big data?”  This post will try to explain the benefits of Hadoop’s big data capabilities and data model in an ECM context compared to traditional database systems.

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Hadoop – Why Hadoop as a Content Store when Caching Content for ECM Consumers

Last week we posted on a publishing approach for enterprise search.  Along with enterprise search, we have seen more and more ECM clients look to publish content out of the ECM repository for a variety of business reasons including performance, business continuity and reducing costs.  This post will highlight how Hadoop can be used within a publishing architecture and explain some of the benefits.

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Enterprise Document Search – A Publishing rather than Crawler/Federated Approach

I met with a client yesterday that was struggling with a typical ECM issue in regards to how to provide for searches against multiple ECM environments.  While ECM vendors love to pitch the “one repository to rule them all”, most ECM users have content in a variety of different solutions that have evolved over time.  This post will provide thoughts on how to publish to a common search/retrieval repository and benefits over a crawling or federated approach.

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Next Generation ECMS – Architecture Thoughts

We responded this week to a Documentum Pharma customer that, like many of our legacy ECM customers, is looking at what could be next for ECM and is particularly focused on systems architecture.  In prepping for the response, we thought it would make a good post to share with other readers and would tie well in regards to follow-up for both our 2015 ECM predictions as well as our current series on Hadoop.

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