Documentum or Alfresco – HPI 2.3 Now Available for TSG Clients

TSG is happy to announce that the HPI 2.3 release is now available to TSG clients on Documentum or Alfresco.  The 2.3 release includes many new features driven by TSG client projects.  This post will describe the significant updates (with Video) including Redaction, Cloud Link Ingestion, Cloud Attachment Send and Periodic Review.

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Hadoop PDF Annotations with OpenAnnotate

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides the ability to store an enormous quantity of files with redundancy.  In our first release of OpenContent for Hadoop, we have included the ability to annotate PDF documents with OpenAnnotate and store and retrieve the PDF layers in Hadoop.  This post will describe the integration with Hadoop as the ECM repository, as well as highlight some benefits of using an annotation tool that uses open specifications.

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Documentum or Alfresco – TSG Government Solution

In the past few years TSG has added several government clients to our solution portfolio. Building on this work we have developed a Government Solution focusing on the case management strengths of HPI and the document review and approval capability of Active Wizard.  This post will present our plan for our Government Solutions posts. Continue reading ‘Documentum or Alfresco – TSG Government Solution’

Workshare Compare – available in HPI for Documentum, Alfresco and Hadoop

Comparing documents for differences is a common request with our Compliance clients as well as Legal and other customers.  Based on success at one of our clients, TSG has integrated industry leader Workshare Compare with OpenContent to provide document comparison capabilities for HPI or custom built applications on Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop.  This post will present the integration along with a screencam of the beta implementation for HPI.

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Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Recap – Cadence Improvements with new repository on the “Horizon”

Last week wrapped up Momentum 2015, the Documentum User Group conference component of EMC World.  We have been posting on our attendance throughout the week.  This post will present our final thoughts. Continue reading ‘Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Recap – Cadence Improvements with new repository on the “Horizon”’

Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2015 – Life Sciences Solution Strategy and Roadmap

Presented by Jennifer Wemstorm – Senior Director, Product Management and Jessica Kelley, Quality Product Management.  Attendance was only about 40 but could be because of the 8:30 start time.  This post will present our thoughts on the Roadmap. Continue reading ‘Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2015 – Life Sciences Solution Strategy and Roadmap’

Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Meet the Executives

Rohit Ghai – President,  Jeetu Patel – Syncplicity,  Jason Capital – Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Davidsen – Global  SE Lead , John  OMelia – Senior Vice President – Documentum , Jeroen Van Rotterdam – Chief Technology Officer

Session was described as being just Rohit and Chris McLaughlin, head of Marketing – Chris was a no-show.

This post will share questions and answers from the session.

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